Medical Equipments

Walking and Support Aids

  • Wheeled Walkers (Rollator)
  • Walking Frames
  • Canes
  • Forearm - Underarm Crutches
  • Spare parts

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Noe Medical Equipment is one of the most comprehensive and customer-focused medical equipment and home health supplies companies in Mykonos Island.
As a premier provider of healthcare supplies in Mykonos Island, our main goal
Managing medical supplies can feel like a never-ending burden for many occupational medical providers and Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Managers. Between putting together first aid kits and keeping track of inventory, the list of tasks goes on and on.

Because we have a first-hand understanding of the unique challenges that come with ordering and managing medical supplies, we’ve put together a list of tips to make it easier. These suggestions are geared towards ordering with ease, reducing waste, and making responsible purchasing decisions, which in turn helps lower costs.

Knowing the types of supplies, quantities, and where the supplies need to be shipped are all important items to keep in mind when ordering medical equipment. Items could be unavailable from the manufacturer or have restrictions based on the type of supplies, which could affect your initial order. Knowing where the supplies are going can help you factor in transit time for delivery.

Make sure to be as specific as possible when ordering. Becoming familiar with the strength of the medical supply and knowing the brand can help with the ordering process. To help with shipping, it’s helpful to know the customs, brokers and storage for the medical supplies before ordering. To reduce costs, it’s often fine to order generic medications instead of brand names.

Once the medical equipment arrives at the project, waste is commonly seen in the medical field. Most often, medical supplies go to waste because someone is unfamiliar with an item. Many medical supplies must remain unopened until time of use to ensure sterility. Once an item is opened, it cannot be saved for later use.

The best way to order and reduce waste is to familiarize yourself, and anyone else who may use the medical items. Additionally, it can be helpful to keep some items on hand for the specific purpose of training and practice.

Many medical supplies are needed at the spur of the moment, and often get misplaced. Because of this, items often get reordered because they can’t be found—even if the stock isn’t actually low .

Reduce the distance between storage areas for medical supplies as much as possible. Keeping items close by, easily accessible, and in consistent locations decreases redundant inventory. This also lowers stress and response time during an emergency metformin sin receta.
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